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complete pair of varifocal glasses for 2.998 kr

high quality lenses

Our lenses have minimal distortion and offer a wide scope at every distance. The lenses are equipped with an anti-scratch coating, a dust resistance coating, UV-protection and an anti-reflective coating.

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innovative edging technology

Our varifocal lenses are more precise than traditional lenses, making it much easier for your eyes to adjust to the different areas of the lens. With our edging technology we are able to achieve highly customised and exceptionally accurate lenses for your unique prescription.

2.998 kr
including prescription lenses

complete pair of varifocal glasses

including prescription lenses

sharp at every distance

Our sunglasses are also available with varifocal lenses. These sun lenses provide a smooth transition from near to far vision, which means you don't have to switch between glasses, even when the sun is out.

3.298 kr
including prescription lenses

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complete pair of varifocal sunglasses

including prescription lenses

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how varifocal lenses work

Varifocal lenses provide a smooth transition from near to far vision, so you can see clearly at any distance without having to switch between frames.

Different regions for distance, reading and intermediate

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